Burlap Bags and Potato Bags

Stock Burlap Bags

Constructed of either 7oz. or 10oz. fabric

No minimum order for plain bags


At Fisher Bag Company, we stock burlap bags in all shapes and sizes. We have curated our stock inventory by listening to our customers and using their feedback to choose bags useful to a wide variety of needs. Stock bags range from 12 x 18-inches, suitable for small quantities of potatoes, to 40 x 60-inches, something a Great Dane could definitely call a bed. Stock burlap bags are available in either a light duty 7oz. fabric or a heavy-duty 10oz. fabric. Available in drawstrings or tie strings. Please feel free to contact us directly via phone or e-mail with any questions or to place an order.


Sizes ranging from 12 x 18” to 40 x 60”